When choosing what type of mulch to use in your garden or landscaping, there are several factors to consider. Do you like the look of rock or wood chips better? Are you more concerned with cost or durability? Do you want to keep weeds at bay and keep your plants well-moisturized? At JPJ Landscaping LLC, we understand the importance of mulching for the health of your property. If you’re trying to decide which type of mulch is best for your landscape, we recommend considering the factors below.

Consider These Factors When Choosing Mulch for Your Landscape


There are several types of materials used for mulching today. Rocks, gravel, wood chips, bark, and recycled rubber are simply a few of the mulching materials available on the market. All of them work in the same way. What you choose truly depends on your personal preference.


Organic wood mulch is more affordable than its inorganic counterparts like rock or decorative stone. While rock mulch is a more costly investment, it’s also a more permanent solution. Wood mulch typically needs to be refreshed each year and, over time, can become a long-term expense.


When it comes to durability, inorganic mulch wins every time. Traditional organic wood mulch decomposes over time and needs to be added to your landscape each year. Organic mulch, like rock or stone, will not decay and is not easily washed away by rain or snow.

Water Retention

Both organic and inorganic mulch helps keep your plants, trees, and flowers, well-moisturized. Organic wood mulch keeps the ground moisturized but also absorbs water. Moisture from the organic mulch can keep the entire area saturated during particularly dry seasons. 

Weed Control

There’s not much difference between organic and inorganic mulch in regards to weed control. Both types do a great job of keeping weeds at bay. If you want to ensure as few weeds as possible break through, use a weed tarp before adding mulch. Together, both the mulch and weed barrier can limit the number of weeds in your garden.

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