While adding mulch to your commercial property in Noblesville can definitely make it look smooth, polished, and well-manicured, there are several other benefits of this helpful landscaping tool. Plants and shrubs retain more of their moisture, and weeds can’t thrive under a thick layer of mulch. This insulating material also helps keep soil in place during torrential rain and thunderstorms. At JPJ Landscaping LLC, we understand the benefits of mulching for your commercial property. Keep reading to learn more.

4 Reasons to Mulch Your Commercial Property and Landscape

1. Improve Curb Appeal

First impressions are important for your Noblesville area business, and professional mulching can help. Mulching flower beds, shrubs, and trees can greatly improve the facade of your property. Clients and customers will enjoy the walk up to your building, knowing that you care about the impression your business is making to the public. 

2. Protect Plants

If you’ve invested in landscaping the exterior property of your commercial building, you want to take care of that investment and make it last. Plants left unattended will begin to wilt and soon die off. Don’t let this happen to your newly installed plants. Be sure to add mulch to your plant beds. This will help keep them saturated and nourished, even during those hot summer days.

3. Prevent Weeds

Another way mulch protects your plants is to help prevent weeds from growing. Imagine you’ve recently installed new plants or shrubs on the property that surrounds your commercial building. One of the best ways to create an eyesore is to allow weeds to grow. Mulch keeps weeds from getting the sun and water they need to grow, while also protecting plants so they can thrive.

4. Avoid Soil Erosion

The Noblesville area experiences summer thunderstorms just like other parts of the Hoosier State. When it rains on your landscaped commercial property, soil can get washed away, making plants and flowers vulnerable to the outdoor elements. Mulch is a great way to prevent soil from eroding, thus keeping your landscaped beds in top-notch condition.

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