Often when we think of mulching, we have visions of pine bark or decorative gravel rocks layered in our spring plant and flower beds. While mulching in the spring is perfectly fine, many professional gardeners, such as the experts here at JPJ Landscaping LLC, will tell you that mulching in the fall is a good practice as well. Not only does fall mulching protect your beds through the cold winter season, but it also reduces your spring outdoor list by one more item. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of mulching in the fall.

Why Should I Mulch My Property Each Fall?

Protection from the Cold

During the warmer months, mulch helps keep much-needed moisture and nutrients in your flower and garden beds. That same mulch will also help to insulate the soil and plant roots during the cold, winter months. Warm soil attracts organisms, like earthworms, that help to improve your soil. It also prevents plant roots from the effects of drastic freezing and thawing cycles, which can place added stress on your perennials.

Fewer Outdoor Chores

While spring is an exciting time of year for gardeners, it’s a very busy time of year for them, too. Add mulching to your fall to-do list as this time of year there are fewer outdoor chores than in the spring. Plus, it’s much cooler in the fall, making this outdoor job a bit more pleasant to tackle.

Easier Bed Maintenance

One of the garden chores that need to be completed each fall is cutting back any perennials before winter arrives. A clean and smooth plant or flower bed is a great time to add a layer of mulch. Not having to work around freshly planted shrubs or sensitive flowering perennials makes mulching much easier. There’s an extra bonus in there, too. When you cut back the perennials in the fall, you don’t have to do this job again in the spring.

Mulching Services in Sheridan

The friendly staff at JPJ Landscaping provides mulching services in the Sheridan area and surrounding communities. We also offer many other lawn and landscape services such as aeration, seasonal maintenance, leaf removal, and tree removal. Request your free estimate by calling our office at (317) 519-3731.

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