Why Hire a Professional to Install Your Holiday Lights?

May 21, 2023 | Westfield

Christmas is such a fun and festive time of year. Family gatherings, Christmas gift shopping, and work parties are a few of the holiday events we look forward to. You may thoroughly enjoy decorating your home for the holidays but simply don’t have the time to add one more thing to your to-do list. Rather than putting it off for one more year, hire a professional holiday lighting company like JPJ Landscaping LLC. You’ll be glad you did when you experience the many benefits of custom design and Christmas lighting installation.Custom DesignsWhen you hire a professional holiday lighting team, you will receive a custom exterior lighting design for your Westfield home. We will discuss your likes and dislikes for exterior Christmas lights and decor and then get to work creating a display that is unique to your home and property. Our team can install soft white lights, various color lights, … Continued

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What Is the Best & Worst Time of Day to Mow Your Lawn?

August 18, 2022 | Mowing Services

Did you know there is an ideal time of day to mow your lawn? That’s right, you run the risk of harming your grass if you mow at certain times of the day over others. Some professionals may say it doesn’t really matter, but at JPJ Landscaping LLC, we agree there are best and worst times of the day to mow your lawn. 

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When, Why, and How to Mulch Your Property

July 19, 2022 | Mulching Services

Many homeowners see mulch as a simple yet attractive way to enhance their Westfield property. While this is true, it accomplishes so much more than that. Mulch can prevent weeds from invading your flower beds, keep moisture from evaporating on a hot summer day, and protect your favorite plants. At JPJ Landscaping LLC, we’d like to share a few basics surrounding the when, why, and how of mulching your property. 

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Consider These Factors When Choosing Mulch for Your Landscape

January 19, 2022 | Mulching Services

When choosing what type of mulch to use in your garden or landscaping, there are several factors to consider. Do you like the look of rock or wood chips better? Are you more concerned with cost or durability? Do you want to keep weeds at bay and keep your plants well-moisturized? At JPJ Landscaping LLC, we understand the importance of mulching for the health of your property. If you’re trying to decide which type of mulch is best for your landscape, we recommend considering the factors below.

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Why Is Tree Removal Important for Lawn Care?

November 16, 2021 | Carmel

When you think of lawn care, you don’t often think of tree removal as part of this process. Yes, trees are typically part of the lawn, but they have different needs in regards to care and maintenance. When you have a diseased or damaged tree on your Carmel property, this can lead to many negative consequences such as unwanted pests, disease spreading to other areas of your property, and a drastic reduction in the value of your home and property. At JPJ Landscaping LLC, we approach lawn care as a whole, and this includes removing sickly, unhealthy trees.

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Avoid These 4 Lawn Mowing Mistakes

June 24, 2021 | Indiana

Now that summer has arrived, many Indiana homeowners are mowing their lawns each and every week. While many of us already know how to mow and care for our turf so it grows hardy and strong, we may not be aware of a few things that can actually harm our lawn. At JPJ Landscaping LLC, we want to arm you with the knowledge you need to maintain a beautiful and flourishing lawn. We recommend avoiding the four mistakes below when you mow your yard this summer.

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3 Benefits of Hiring a Lawn Mowing Service

December 22, 2020 | Indiana

Are you considering hiring a lawn care service in the spring? Maybe you’re not sure if the investment will outweigh the return. At JPJ Landscaping LLC, we take pride in offering professional lawn mowing services to residents throughout the Westfield, IN, area. When trying to decide if a lawn service is the best solution for you, review the benefits below before making a financial decision.1. Saves You TimeBetween work, family, kids’ activities, and simply wanting to enjoy the summer season, many people don’t have the time to properly care for their lawn. Lawn mowing involves more than cutting your lawn once or twice a week. Edging the sidewalk and driveway, weed-whacking around landscaping, and removing clippings from hard surfaces also takes a lot of time and effort. A professional lawn care service can take care of all of this and more, giving you back your precious time.2. Saves You MoneyIt … Continued

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