Many homeowners see mulch as a simple yet attractive way to enhance their Westfield property. While this is true, it accomplishes so much more than that. Mulch can prevent weeds from invading your flower beds, keep moisture from evaporating on a hot summer day, and protect your favorite plants. At JPJ Landscaping LLC, we’d like to share a few basics surrounding the when, why, and how of mulching your property. 

When, Why, and How to Mulch Your Property

When to Apply Mulch

There are two times a year when it’s best to apply mulch to your flower beds, trees, and vegetable gardens. Mulching in early to mid-spring provides your property with a fresh, manicured look and prepares the soil for the growing season. Applying additional mulch during the fall season will protect your landscape from the upcoming winter weather. Not only will it insulate the soil and preserve any plant or bush roots, but it will also keep most of the soil from being washed away by snow, rain, and wind.

Why Apply Mulch 

Mulch does more than improve the appearance of your Westfield property. Soil and roots that are exposed to the elements can lose their nutrients and may be susceptible to runoff. Applying a layer of mulch has several benefits, such as retaining the soil’s moisture, protecting plant roots, suppressing weeds, insulating the soil, and adding much-needed organic nutrients to your land.

How to Apply Mulch

The recommended amount of mulch to apply to your landscape is anywhere between two and four inches on top of the soil’s surface. If it’s too thick, it can prevent water from getting into the soil. If it’s too thin, it may allow weeds to grow and not retain moisture as well. 

If you are mulching land that has weeds, grass, or other undesirable plants, you may want to prepare the soil before adding any mulch. You can dig up any weeds or plants you don’t want in your flower bed, or you can lay down a weed barrier on top of the soil. Once you’ve completed this step, you can begin mulching your weed-free property.

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