Mowing can be a dreadful chore for some people, whereas others enjoy taking the time to make their lawns look amazing. For those who would rather do almost anything else except mow their lawn, JPJ Landscaping LLC suggests that you consider these five methods to decrease your time mowing the lawn.

5 Ways to Cut Down on Your Mowing Time

1. Grow a Wildflower Meadow

Turn part of your yard into a wildflower meadow. You’ll have beautiful flowers growing all summer long that require no fertilizing and no watering unless it’s a particularly dry summer. You only need to mow it once a year, usually in late summer or early fall, when the wildflowers go to seed.

2. Add Landscaped Features

Adding landscape and hardscape elements reduces your mowing time and adds beautiful features you can enjoy all summer. Consider installing landscaped flower beds around the perimeter of your home. Or, add a large cement patio or fire pit area in your backyard. Rock gardens, succulent beds, low-maintenance plants, and herb gardens are a few other features you can add to your property. 

3. Only Mow Dry Grass

Mowing wet grass takes more time than dry grass, as pushing a lawn mower through a soaked lawn is much more difficult. Wet grass causes the lawn mower wheels to get stuck, creating deep divots in your yard. The best way to cut your lawn quickly and evenly is when it’s dry.

4. Use a Zero-Turn Mower

Zero-turn mowers have made a huge difference for many homeowners. They are faster and easier to drive than traditional riding mowers. Plus, they take about half the time compared to other lawn mowing equipment.

5. Hire Professionals

We highly recommend hiring a professional lawn service if you dread mowing or have little time for outdoor chores during the summer. Our team performs precise and detailed work and ensures your property looks its best when we’re done mowing your lawn.

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