What’s Included in Our Lawn Mowing Service?

February 8, 2021 | Fishers

Are you looking forward to backyard barbecues or playing outside with the kids this summer? Maybe you’re planning on taking some weekend road trips so you can enjoy as much of the warm weather as possible? Rather than spending time mowing your lawn every weekend this summe, let the experts at JPJ Landscaping LLC take care of it for you. Since 2015, we’ve been serving the Fishers area with our high-quality and reliable lawn mowing services. Not only do we mow your lawn, but we take the time to make sure your residential or commercial property is in superb shape. Keep reading to learn what is included in our lawn mowing service.Trim the PropertyBefore we even get the lawnmower up and running, we begin by trimming your property. We clip any areas where the lawnmower cannot reach, such as around trees; along sidewalks, driveways,and fences; and near any other inaccessible … Continued

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3 Benefits of Hiring a Lawn Mowing Service

December 22, 2020 | Indiana

Are you considering hiring a lawn care service in the spring? Maybe you’re not sure if the investment will outweigh the return. At JPJ Landscaping LLC, we take pride in offering professional lawn mowing services to residents throughout the Westfield, IN, area. When trying to decide if a lawn service is the best solution for you, review the benefits below before making a financial decision.1. Saves You TimeBetween work, family, kids’ activities, and simply wanting to enjoy the summer season, many people don’t have the time to properly care for their lawn. Lawn mowing involves more than cutting your lawn once or twice a week. Edging the sidewalk and driveway, weed-whacking around landscaping, and removing clippings from hard surfaces also takes a lot of time and effort. A professional lawn care service can take care of all of this and more, giving you back your precious time.2. Saves You MoneyIt … Continued

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Mowing, Carmel’s Top Rated Provider

April 15, 2020 | Mowing Services

Top Rated Carmel Mowing Provider JPJ Landscaping is one of the highest rated lawn mowing services in the Carmel area.  We have earned this reputation over the years and always striving to learn more so we can make our service better.  Along the way, we have developed a process to make sure all of our properties receive consistent high quality work week in and week out.  You may have found us by searching Carmel lawn mowing, but we provide many other services as well.  We offer landscaping, mulch, leaf removal, and snow removal to name a few.  We also service Westfield, Sheridan, Noblesville, Fishers and Indianapolis.  In this blog, we will share with you the process we take to make all of our properties shine!Professional Lawn MowingUsing the correct equipment: We use commercial grade lawn mowers.  This helps with “up time”. If our mowers are not property working or broken, we cannot … Continued

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Lawn Mowing in Carmel, your Hometown Provider!

January 21, 2020 | Mowing Services

Our Founder and CEO, John Schelling, grew up in Carmel, went to Carmel High School and now services the same neighborhoods he played in as a child.  It must be a Carmel thing!  Lawn Mowing is a service that everyone can appreciate.  Whether you are a family with young children or you just have a crazy schedule our lawn mowing service is something you will love!  Here’s why..Scheduling is EASYJPJ Landscaping has invested lots of money into technology.  We pride ourselves on having excellent customer service and open communication.  With Service Autopilot, we are now able to do both…BETTER.  Service Autopilot will now handle all of our routing, dispatching, communications (for our field team and clients), invoicing, etc.  Here is whats really cool.  We mow hundreds of lawns on a weekly basis.  We strive to provide personalize care of each yard.  If your property has specific needs, we can add … Continued

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