Spring Clean-up Carmel, IN

Spring is such a wonderful time of the year.  The smell of fresh mulch with fresh cut grass to follow.  It a time of the year that the landscape comes back to life. With the wonderful rebirth of life in your landscape comes a need to clean up the property to prepare it for the growing season.  Spring Clean-ups are a very popular service.  The gloomy short days of the winter are ending.  Days are getting longer, the tulips are popping through the ground, and excitement returns.  It is a happy time of the year.

Spring Clean up Carmel
Spring Clean up Carmel

What you should expect in a clean-up:

Each spring we are asked by our wonderful clients to clean their properties, but one of the biggest questions is… “What does a spring clean up entail?”  Below is a list of items that make up our Spring Clean up Service.

  • Removal of any left over leaves for the grass and landscape beds.  There are often leaves stuck in/under shrubs, matted down in the lawn, and in-between the emerging perennials.
  • Removal of sticks.  We often find that with the winter winds, dead limbs and twigs fall out of the tree and those need to be cleaned up to prep the property for mulch and our weekly mowing service.
  • Redefining borders.  During this time, we can redefine the landscape boarders to give a clear delineation between the beds and the turf.
  • Mulch Installation.  Typically, after a clean up is complete we install mulch in the beds.  There are many purposes for mulch in the landscape beds, but the big benefits is to help suppress weed growth and to supply nutrients to the plants.

Spring Clean up Service Area:

JPJ Landscaping’s main service is Carmel and Indianapolis, but we also service many surrounding communities.

Spring Clean up Service Area
Spring Clean up Service Area


Request an estimate for Spring Clean up:

We offer a full line of lawn maintenance services to meet your families needs in Carmel, IN.  We offer: Spring/Fall Clean ups, Aeration/Overseeding, Mulch Installation, Weekly Lawn Mowing, Shrub Trimming, leaf removal, and Tree Removal.  If you are in the market for a new lawn care company, please reach out to the office at 317-519-3731 or send an email to john@jpjlandscaping.com to learn more about how we can take care of your outdoor needs.  You can also click here to request an estimate!