It’s not unusual for lawns across Indiana to be under duress during the hot summer months. When there have been several days of increasingly hot weather and not a rain cloud in sight, your Noblesville lawn will most likely experience summer drought. JPJ Landscaping LLC has years of experience protecting lawns from those long summer dry spells. Learn how to detect a lawn that is under stress and how to water your lawn when it is experiencing drought. 

Lawn Care Tips During a Summer Drought

What Is Summer Drought?

Flowers, plants, and grass thrive during the warm, sunny summer. What happens when all they get is sunlight and the temperatures are close to scorching levels? They begin to experience the effects of drought. Fortunately, grass is extremely resilient and can survive many substandard conditions, including up to six weeks of drought conditions, before it shows signs of dying. 

What Is Drought Stress?

Drought stress is how grass reacts to a combination of extremely hot weather and no rain for long periods of time. A few indications that your lawn is suffering include the following:

  • A blue-grey appearance
  • Footprints that bounce back slowly
  • Grass that doesn’t bounce back after mowing

Drought Watering Tips

The best way to combat drought stress is by taking steps to strategically water your lawn, such as these: 

  • Water early in the morning. Water can evaporate in the afternoon and form puddles in the evening, leading to disease and pests.
  • Water your lawn so it receives 1 ½ inches of water each week. It will need more during those roasting temperatures.
  • Water deeply and sporadically. As water seeps down into the ground, it encourages roots to grow long and deep, and watering sporadically makes it more tolerant of drought.
  • If your lawn goes dormant, do not overwater. A dormant lawn will return to its beautiful green color as the weather cools and rain returns. Too much water can suffocate the grass.

Professional Lawn Care in Noblesville

Call JPJ Landscaping at (317) 519-3731 to request a free estimate of our lawn care services when your lawn is experiencing the effects of summer drought. We provide mulching, landscaping, and aeration from spring to fall, and snow removal and Christmas lights installation in the winter.

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