4 Landscaping Tips to having a Great Looking Property

Having lived in Carmel,IN for a big part of my life, I know that your landscaping is very important.  Curb appeal is a statement piece and many people take a lot of pride in the outside look of their property.  Here at JPJ Landscaping, we have learned many tips and tricks over the years and want to share our 4 must do’s to having a great looking landscape.  If you are looking for a starting point, these 4 landscaping tips will certainly get you headed in the right direction.


Picture of a recently cleaned up landscaping in Carmel

Landscaping Tips:

  1. Mulch:  Mulch is an essential part of your landscape.  It does provide curb appeal, but mulch plays a very important role.  Mulch helps retain moisture which the plants take up to grow and stay healthy.  The other important part of mulching is that as it breaks down it provides nutrients to the soil.  Mulch needs to be maintained at a 3 inch layer.  That doesn’t mean that every year you need to put down 3 inches, you just need to add enough each year to maintain a 3 inch thickness of mulch.  Thick mulch also helps prevent weeds which brings us to point number 2!
  2. Pre-Emergent:  Do you hate pulling weeds?  Pre-Emergent is your saving grace.  Although pre-emergent is not 100% perfect, it does prevent many weed seeds from germinating.  We put pre-emergent down prior to installing mulch so you don’t see it sitting on top of the freshly installed mulch.  Typically, pre-emergent is not the same color as mulch and will stick out if you put it out afterwards.  Please read the label as some products need to be watered in to activate.
  3. Trimming Shrubs:  Timing is everything!  Flowering shrubs should not be trimmed in the spring.  Trim them AFTER they finish blooming.  If you trim them too early, you could cut off the buds that will produce the flower.  If that happens, you won’t get any flowers from the shrub.  You can and should trim evergreen shrubs in the spring.  Many will have signs of winter burn which you can trim off.
  4. Water:  Finally, in the heat of the summer, you will want to water your plants to keep them healthy and strong.  You can typically tell when your plants are thirsty.  The leaves will look a little limp and not as vibrant.  Our best recommendation is to water them 2-3 times a week through the hot part of the season.

In Closing:

If you follow all of our recommendations, you should be on your way to having a great looking landscape.  If you need any help with maintaining your landscape in installing a new landscape, feel free to call the office at 317-519-3731 or click here to request and estimate.