Spring is finally here, and we’re so excited to help homeowners and businesses clean up their Indianapolis properties. Our professional staff has high-quality equipment and tools, along with the necessary experience and know-how to make your lawn look absolutely amazing. Keep reading to learn more about what’s included in the seasonal lawn care services of JPJ Landscaping LLC.

What's Included In Our Seasonal Lawn Care Services?

Clean Flower Beds

A major part of our seasonal lawn care services includes cleaning out your flower beds. We remove any weeds, rake out all debris from the winter, and apply mulch for a fresh landscaped look. Mulch not only adds curb appeal but also controls pests and protects your beds against future weeds.

Trim Plants & Bushes

Trimming plants and bushes in your yard will keep them healthy and in top-notch condition. It may also encourage more blooms on flowering bushes. We have all the necessary tools and know the best pruning techniques to keep your Indianapolis property looking its best this spring.

Remove Debris from Gutters

Removing debris from your gutters keeps leaves and branches from falling onto your property throughout the spring and summer season. If debris is left in the gutters, it can cause clogs which may result in water leaking into the house and damaging the roof or the foundation. 

Clean up Leaves

With our exceptional attention to detail, our lawn care team will rake and clean your lawn and landscape of leaves, branches, and any other litter. We’ll blow any remaining debris from your lawn, gather it all, and haul it away. This will leave you with a clean and pristine lawn and one of the best-looking yards on the block.

We Serve Residential & Commercial Properties

Don’t let your property look simply average this spring. Call on the experts at JPJ Landscaping for a well-groomed and elegant-looking yard. Contact us at (317) 519-3731 to request your free estimate. We also offer other lawn care solutions, such as mowing, aeration, and tree removal.