Are you looking forward to backyard barbecues or playing outside with the kids this summer? Maybe you’re planning on taking some weekend road trips so you can enjoy as much of the warm weather as possible? Rather than spending time mowing your lawn every weekend this summe, let the experts at JPJ Landscaping LLC take care of it for you. Since 2015, we’ve been serving the Fishers area with our high-quality and reliable lawn mowing services. Not only do we mow your lawn, but we take the time to make sure your residential or commercial property is in superb shape. Keep reading to learn what is included in our lawn mowing service.

What's Included in Our Lawn Mowing Services?

Trim the Property

Before we even get the lawnmower up and running, we begin by trimming your property. We clip any areas where the lawnmower cannot reach, such as around trees; along sidewalks, driveways,and fences; and near any other inaccessible space. By doing this prior to mowing, the extra clippings can be mulched as the lawnmower goes by.

Mow Your Lawn

Mowing the lawn is more than simply running a mower up and down your yard. The first thing we do is make a perimeter pass around your property in a clockwise motion. This keeps the grass clippings away from any landscaped or mulched beds. Then we move on to mowing the remainder of the property, with both detail and precision. 

Remove All Clippings

The last thing we do as part of our lawn mowing service is to remove all grass clippings from your property. We blow the grass trimmings from any hard surfaces back into your yard so they can decompose and be used as nutrients for the soil. We remove grass from other areas, including sidewalks, pathways, driveways, patios, decks, and any other flat surfaces.

Request an Estimate Today

Request your free estimate today by calling us at (317) 519-3731. We serve the entire Fishers area and all surrounding communities with our specialized lawn services such as mulching, aeration, leaf removal, seasonal maintenance, and more.