Fall is such a beautiful and fun time of year. You may find yourself attending football games, visiting apple orchards, and watching trees turn red, yellow, and orange, with family and friends. Those vibrant and colorful leaves are beautiful to look at, but they’re not so beautiful when they’re stuck in your gutters. JPJ Landscaping LLC provides professional gutter cleaning for homes in Noblesville and the surrounding areas. Keep reading to learn how we can get rid of those leaves in your gutters once and for all.

Our 3-Step Gutter Cleaning Process

1. Use Professional Tools

Cleaning out gutters begins with using the right tools to thoroughly eliminate leaves, sticks, and debris. Ladders are necessary to reach gutters and the top of downspouts. Tools like trowels, buckets, and hoses are essential to ridding your gutters of debris and cleaning them out so they can work properly. Our team also uses safety equipment, like gloves and goggles, to protect themselves. 

2. Clean Out Gutters 

Once they have all supplies and safety equipment, our technicians will climb the ladders and begin cleaning out the gutters. Buckets and supplies are safely hooked to the ladders for easy reach. They begin at the downspouts and move along the gutters, removing any leaves and branches, and placing them in the attached buckets. 

3. Flush Gutters & Downspouts

With the gutters free of large sticks, wet leaves, and other debris, our team will then use the hose to flush out the gutters and downspouts, thoroughly removing any leaves or grime stuck to the inside of the gutters. This is an effective method of discovering any blockages within the downspouts, too.

Request Your Free Estimate Today

Don’t let those nasty, leaf-filled gutters get the best of you. Call our professional team today at (317) 519-3731 to request your free estimate for our gutter cleaning service. In addition to cleaning gutters and downspouts, we also provide many lawn care services in Noblesville and the nearby communities. 

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