Mowing your lawn is more than a mundane chore that must be completed each week. Not only does it keep your property looking smooth and pristine, but it can also keep it healthy, free from weeds, and clear of pests. At JPJ Landscaping LLC, we’d like to share four ways that mowing your lawn on a weekly basis can result in a thriving, green lawn.

How Does Mowing Your Lawn Keep It Healthy?

Encourages Photosynthesis

We all remember learning about photosynthesis in school, right? This process allows green plants to absorb sunlight and take in their nutrients. Each time you cut your grass, you’re exposing the blades to sunlight, helping your grass grow healthy and strong. If you don’t mow your lawn routinely, photosynthesis slows down and causes your grass to decline.

Keeps Pests at Bay

When you don’t mow your lawn frequently, you’ll end up with tall grass growing in your yard. Tall, thick grass is the perfect habitat for pests, like fleas, ticks, beetles, and more. Once these pests infiltrate your lawn, it can be difficult to remove them without hiring a professional pest control service.

Manages Weeds

Mowing your lawn at the right height, about two to three inches in length, can help keep those pesky weeds from overtaking your yard. If you cut your grass too short, this can lead to an uptick in weeds that spread across your property. Plus, it exposes the soil to too much sun, which also causes weeds to grow.

Maintains a Beautiful Appearance

Having a healthy lawn is the greatest benefit of mowing it regularly, but so is having beautiful, lush grass on your Carmel property. Simple weekly lawn maintenance, like mowing your lawn, removing leaves, and more, will add curb appeal and make a great impression on neighbors and friends.

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