Are you looking for a lawn care company that can provide more than basic lawn mowing services? At JPJ Landscaping LLC, we’ve got you covered! We offer five different types of services that will not only care for your lawn, but keep it thriving and healthy: landscaping, aeration, seasonal maintenance, leaf removal, and tree removal. Keep reading to learn what each of these services can do for your Carmel lawn and property.

5 Lawn Care Services We Offer at JPJ

1. Landscaping

At JPJ, we are committed to designing the perfect landscaping beds for your Carmel home or business. We do this by performing the following tasks:

  • Clear any land, as necessary
  • Create clean landscaping edges
  • Lay down fresh mulch
  • Plant annual flowers, perennial flowers, shrubs, and trees

2. Aeration

Lawn aeration allows nutrients and moisture to reach the roots of your lawn by perforating the ground with tiny holes. It promotes healthy growth but also combats potential damage such as compacted soil and shallow root systems.

3. Seasonal Maintenance

With the transition to the different seasons, your lawn needs special care. In the fall we’ll remove leaves, trim plants and bushes, and remove debris from all gutters. Each spring, we will weed and spruce up your flower beds, and also lay mulch to redefine any landscape borders for a nice, crisp look. 

4. Leaf Removal

During the autumn season, it seems like those leaves are never-ending. Let the team at JPJ take care of all leaf removal for you! When we remove leaves from your property, we also take care of all trash or debris, collect it all together, and then haul it away, leaving you with a pristine-looking lawn.

5. Tree Removal

With proper equipment for removing trees, the technicians at JPJ can safely and securely cut down any trees or large branches that are threatening to your property, such as:

  • Dying trees
  • Diseased trees
  • Large, hanging branches

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