Trees are quite beneficial for home and property owners. They offer shade during hot summers, provide homes to a variety of birds, and are the perfect spot for childhood adventures. While you’re planting, weeding, and fertilizing your landscape, remember that your trees need some care, too. JPJ Landscaping LLC recommends following these four tips to keep your trees happy and healthy.

4 Tips for Keeping Your Trees Healthy

1. Proper Tree Pruning Matters

Different varieties of trees require various pruning methods. For some, it’s best to prune during a specific time of year. For others, meticulous and consistent pruning may be required. Knowing how to prune the trees in your Indianapolis yard properly can prevent disease and help them grow healthy and strong. 

2. Nearby Bushes Can Be Good for Your Trees

Soil compaction is a common problem in many neighborhood yards. There are methods that tree experts use to loosen the soil, but there’s another simple way to help alleviate this problem — planting shrubs under trees. As you dig to make room for these plants, the soil is naturally disturbed, allowing more nutrients to reach the tree roots. 

3. Be Careful When Landscaping

Any type of landscaping, from bringing in heavy equipment to using yard tools, may harm the roots of the trees. Avoid driving equipment over tree zones to prevent further soil compaction, and be sure to use all tools carefully to avoid disturbing any tree roots. Properly apply any lawn chemicals, like fertilizer and herbicides, as some may be harmful to your trees.

4. Sometimes Trees Need to Be Watered

Many property owners don’t think of watering their trees. In reality, most trees don’t need to be watered if they’re getting plenty from Mother Nature. If your local Indianapolis area is experiencing drought conditions, you may need to give your trees a good soak. Make sure you run the water long enough to get deep into all the tree roots. Applying a layer of mulch around the tree can help to retain moisture, too. 

Leave It to the Pros

Sometimes the best thing to do for your property is to remove dead or diseased trees that are beyond saving. Don’t handle this dangerous task on your own. Call the JPJ Landscaping pros at (317) 519-3731 to request your free estimate. We also provide mowing, aeration, and leaf removal in Indianapolis and all surrounding areas.

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