Aeration is an important part of having a healthy, flourishing lawn. This essential lawn care process perforates the yard with tiny holes, allowing air, nutrients, and moisture to reach into the ground. The result is a beautiful, lush, and healthy lawn to enjoy all summer long. At JPJ Landscaping LLC, we highly recommend this lawn care step if you have compacted soil, have recently built a new home, or your lawn just doesn’t seem to be growing. If you’re not sure aeration would help your Carmel property, keep reading to learn more.

3 Essential Reasons to Aerate Your Lawn

1. Compacted Soil

Soil becomes compacted when it is pressed together due to heavy foot traffic, driving vehicles or ATVs on the lawn, or simply years of use. Compacted soil is very dense, leaving little to no room for water, sunlight, or nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. You may be fertilizing your lawn but if the fertilizer can’t reach the roots, it will do your lawn absolutely no good. Aeration frees up the soil, allowing fertilizer and moisture to support your healthy lawn.

2. New Home Build

When you build a new home, compacted soil can be a big problem as well. This is due to the heavy machinery and constant foot traffic that is necessary when building new construction. If you’ve tried to grow a thriving lawn to no avail, then aeration could be a viable solution.

3. Thin Root System

Does your lawn have thin patches of grass that don’t seem to grow well? Then it’s probably time to aerate. By ventilating the lawn and opening up the deep soil, you are allowing water, sunlight, and other nutrients to reach the roots. This will help the roots grow stronger and deeper, creating a thick, beautifully green lawn.

Exceptional Lawn Care Services

Aeration is one of the many lawn care services we offer here at JPJ Landscaping. To create an elegant and stunning yard for your Carmel home, we also provide other services such as mulching, landscaping, seasonal maintenance, leaf removal, and tree removal. Request a free estimate for our aeration services by calling (317) 519-3731 today.

Image: Wikimedia Commons