When you want to protect your garden beds and keep them looking crisp and clean, consider using mulch. It provides many benefits to plants and trees and is also an affordable investment for your Fishers area property. At JPJ Landscaping LLC, we highly recommend these three best practices for applying mulch to your landscape this time of year. Not only will it protect your property from weeds and pests, but it will also give you the attractive curb appeal you’ve always wanted. 

3 Best Practices for Applying Mulch Each Spring

1. Apply after Spring Thaw

When spring flowers are popping up and the ground has thawed, it’s time to get out the mulch. To get the most benefit out of mulching your landscape, prepare the area first. Make sure the soil has proper drainage and a boost of nutrition by adding compost or manure before adding any protective covering. Spread about two to three inches of mulch over the compost and use a rake to spread it out evenly.

2. Don’t over Mulch

Mulch is a beautiful addition to any garden bed or landscaped area with trees or shrubs. It can be tempting to keep adding mulch as it may seem your property is better protected the more mulch you add. This is not the case. A thick layer of mulch can prevent nutrients like oxygen, water, and sunlight from feeding your greenery. Plus, it can also promote plant disease and pest infestations.

3. Avoid Piling Mulch

Another thing you’ll want to avoid is piling mulch up against the base of trees and bushes. Any ground-covering should not conceal any part of the tree that is sticking out of the ground. Also, be sure to keep mulch at least six inches away from your home, garage, or other structures, as these areas can become potential breeding grounds for termites. 

Fisher’s Mulching Professionals

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